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[01 Jan 2030|12:04am]
Via a powerful curse cast by an as of still unknown villain, Disney and Pixar characters have been transported to a very unmagical location: New York City, New York. The curse has not only transported these characters to the "real world" but have also sealed away all memories of their former selves. For years now, characters have been scattered throughout the Big Apple with new identities and memories and life has been ordinary. However, nothing is ever quite what it seems, is it?

[01 Jan 2030|12:02am]
All holds last for 48 hours. Extensions will be granted for 24 hours. If a friend holds for you, you must claim your hold within 24 hours. Characters must be on either this or this list. You are allowed to challenge one character and their PB.
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If your application has been deleted, you have been rejected. [01 Jan 2030|12:01am]
Welcome to UPON, a community that takes a closer and more intimate look into the lives of Disney and Pixar characters. At UPON, we promote creativity and inclusiveness and are admittedly inspired by past communities such as [info]enchantedly. Please note that we are selective which means we will be taking into careful consideration of each and every applicant and his/her application.

First Adds: W, 6/21 @ 10 PM EST.
Please drop your examples off here.
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Screened for your privacy. [01 Jan 2030|12:00am]
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